At Mahajak Industry Company Limited, we are always determined to keep improving the quality of our manufacturing process and service standard according to the corporate development policy of Mahajak Group of Companies which focusing on:
“Using the cutting-edge technology and machines in every single stage of the production line starting from: the design process, the production planning process, the production control process and the end-product quality control process.”
This is to guarantee that every single piece of our products will reach the top-set standard and will perfectly meet the needs of all our customers.

          Our Cold Forging Technology: We use “the Computerized Numerical Control System” and all other relevant high technologies in our production process to ensure the precision of every single part produced.

         Our Hot Forging Technology: We use “the Press Forging and Hammer Forging System” to enhance the product’s performance. This production technique needs to be implemented in line with a specific technology adopted from one of the leading auto parts manufacturers in the industry.

         Our Heat Treatment Process: We run the process with the machine and technology recommended and relayed by well-respected specialists.

         Our Electro Zinc Plating Process: We use the most up-to-date imported machine and technology in our electro zinc plating process to equip our product with rust protection, aesthetic and safety qualification.